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Goal-Based Investing

5 mistakes to avoid while starting a retirement goal

Retiring early is a dream for many, the time when one achieves true financial independence. It is indeed a great financial milestone to target, however, there are some crucial errors that people can make while calculating and ... see more

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CIO's Desk

Nestle India, High ROE, and Valuation Trap

High ROE companies generally enjoy higher confidence of investors which can translate to unreasonably frothy valuations. However, high ROE can also result from lower investments in business. Nestle India is one such example.

How to navigate a stock market crash
Investment Planning

Navigating Stock Market Crash

Present market weakness has resulted from a cocktail of inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical wars. While we can’t control these factors, we can definitely lean on few time-tested tricks to protect and grow our h ... see more

Low volatility anomaly
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Low Volatility Anomaly – Lot of Gain with Little Pain

A low volatility anomaly is available on a booster shot in India. It is worth considering that the low volatility index actually outperforms almost every Indian midcap and large cap benchmark while providing nearly 20%-40% lo ... see more

Benefits of career break on mental health
Financial Planning

Is Taking a Career Break For Pursuing Passion Practical?

Just a decade ago, career breaks used to be seen as appalling. The stigma of career breaks attached to an employee forced many to hide their time offs in their CVs. But that’s not the case now. Appreciating career breaks (wit ... see more

Capital gains and tax-efficient secondary income
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Capital Gains vs. Dividends: Tax-efficient Regular Income

Inconsistency and higher taxes make dividends unreliable source of regular income. As a suitable alternative to fixed deposits, capital gains from stock market investments can provide a much more reliable, inflation-adjusted ... see more

How to quit job and do what you like
Financial Planning

How to Quit Your Job and Pursue Your Dreams

Let's face it. Most people are doing jobs that are not their passion but because it pays the bills. But financial instability shouldn't be the reason why you can't quit your job to live your passion. Here's how.

Bear market, noise, and long-term investing
CIO's Desk

Bear Markets: A Blessing for Long-term Investors?

A bear market means future SIP contributions are coming at lower levels which brings down average investment levels for corpus and the break-even point significantly. With a low break-even point, even a partial recovery in th ... see more

Bear market for new investors
Investment Planning

Bear Market – Acid Test for New Investors

Patience and composure are some of the virtues that an amateur should adopt while negotiating a bear market. For long-term investors with an investment horizon spanning 15-20 years, the bear market is a minor aberration and i ... see more

Catching a falling knife
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Avoid Catching Falling Knives

Whenever there is a deep correction in popular stocks like Tata Steel, investors are tempted to take bets in these falling knives with an expectation that stock would recover to its recent peak quickly. However, blindly catch ... see more

Savings vs Investing: Which to choose
Financial Planning

Saving vs. Investing: Which Route to Take?

Many times, people get confused about the difference between investment and saving to such an extent that they think they are two peas in a pod. However, savings and investments are like chalk and cheese. Let’s see how.

SIP - Offsetting market timing risks
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SIP – Offsetting Market Timing Risk

SIP method brings with it in-built risk management that can cut down on your losses in the long term even if you are unlucky enough to start an investment plan at the peak, and exiting just after a stock crash or stuck in a v ... see more

How to beat inflation
Investment Planning

Beat Inflation with These Surefire Tips

There's a reason inflation is called the "worst tax." It reduces your purchasing power, makes it difficult to manage monthly expenses, and prevents you from buying those luxurious items you like. However, unlike GST and incom ... see more

Repo rate impact on home loan EMIs
Financial Planning

Rising Home Loan EMIs and Impact on Home Owners

Homeowners must focus on creating a prepayment corpus. However, instead of prepaying they can neutralize impact of higher home loan EMIs by investing in the stock market.

Retirement planning at 30
CIO's Desk

Retirement Planning – Start Early and Start Small

More than contribution, the timing of retirement planning has a significantly higher impact on the successful attainment of retirement corpus.

Investing lessons from cricket
Investment Planning

5 Investing Lessons to Learn from Cricket

IPL maybe over, but the fever lingers! And just like every season, this one was also action-packed. Thrilling boundaries, suspenseful final overs, and explosive victories kept us glued to our TV screens. So, we thought of mak ... see more

Passive ELSS funds
Financial Planning

SEBI, Passive ELSS & Investors

With SEBI allowing mutual funds to introduce passive ELSS schemes, tax-saving just becomes cheaper with zero alpha risk to 80C savings.

Long-term investing in stock markets
CIO's Desk

Long-term Investing – Neutralizing Market Risk

Stock market risk increases significantly with the decline in investment horizon. Investors must opt for a long-term commitment to investment in the stock market irrespective of prevailing market conditions or market levels. ... see more

Why you are bad with investing
Investment Planning

Avoid these Investing Mistakes

Investments are like cricket! You might hit a few sixes by hitting the ball ferociously. However, unless you know the proper techniques, you will be clean-bowled. Be the master by understanding the pros and cons of each investment.

Diversified ETF thumbnail
CIO's Desk

Diversified ETFs – Antidote to Security Selection Risks

Stock selection needs professional expertise which is often not available with retail investors. ETFs provide a safe & cost-effective alternative for wealth building compared to stock selection, which has 60% probability of e ... see more

ETF vs Mutual funds: Which to choose?
Investment Planning

Should You Choose an ETF over a Mutual Fund?

An unbiased, evidence-based understanding of the differences between ETFs and Mutual funds. And when to choose which as an investment instrument.

Netflix and Chill
CIO's Desk

Netflix Saga, Investing Myths and ETFs

Netflix has lost almost 68% of its market capitalization since November 2021. Not only does it put the spotlight back on equity risk, but also challenges traditional investment wisdom.

Enjoy financial freedom without worrying about money
Financial Planning

Financial Freedom is Not About Money

Financial freedom is when you have enough money to afford the life you desire. And that too without working 9-5 daily to meet your expenses. Does it mean you won't work at all? No. Financial freedom doesn't make you a couch p ... see more

BHARAT Bond: A suitable alternative to Fixed Deposits
CIO's Desk

Bharat Bond ETFs - Suitable FD Alternative

Introduced in 2019, BharatBond ETFs represent an interesting option for FD investors looking for a better inflation hedge with higher returns on investments.

Stock Picking for Long-term Wealth Creation
CIO's Desk

Long-term Investment in Stocks = Wealth Destruction?

Process of wealth creation through long-term bets on selected stocks is fraught with risk. ETFs and Index Funds seem like more reliable options with diversified baskets available at low affordable costs.

Why do we make New Year's resolutions?
Financial Planning

The Right Approach to Achieve Financial Resolutions

We make resolutions because it gives a chance for a FRESH START. It allows us to fix things in our life - to make them better. It's like entering a new chapter of our life story where things will be better than our current si ... see more

A woman in business setting SMART goals
Financial Planning

How to Set SMART Financial Goals

Financial planning is not sexy. Most people do it as a chore because they see it as a necessary evil. How about if we tell you it can be better than that. Dare we say, even a thing of joy. Simply because financial planning is ... see more

Mortgage calculator
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Turn Your House Purchase into a Successful Investment

Considering the realistic expectation of an INR 1 Crore property appreciating to INR 2 Crore, buying a home does not look like a really bad option as it can provide substantially higher returns than fixed-return products like ... see more

A woman writing down financial plans
Financial Planning

How SLP Empowers Women to Achieve Financial Freedom

Most women have their lives sharply divided into different milestones - work, marriage, pregnancies, raising children, & caring for elderly parents. They become more vulnerable at each stage as their financial security is ero ... see more

Piggy bank and coins
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Bad Bank - Unlocking Value Opportunity for PSU Banks

In light of government’s Bad Bank decision, the credit cycle may see a strong revival, and PSU banks can see significant convergence to valuations accorded to private sector banks, leading to significant wealth creation for i ... see more

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Goal-Based Investing

Making Money is Not the Same as Building Wealth

Making money and building wealth are not the same. Here's a simple thought to get started. What is wealth? It is not your salary. It's not your bank balance. It’s not even your investments. So, what on earth is it?

Man reading a book while sitting on a pile of coins
CIO's Desk

Should Small-cap Funds be Part of your Portfolio?

Despite being the riskiest segment in the market, small-cap provides returns, which are not only less than the mid-cap segment but shockingly lower than the large-cap segment for 10-year holding period.

Top view of magnifying glass on world map
Investment Planning

Active Vs Passive Investment - What is the Global Trend?

In the final part of the series, we will explore what the global industry, especially the advanced markets like US and Europe can tell us about Active Vs Passive investing.

Hourglass depiction: Investing for the long-term
CIO's Desk

How to Navigate Stock Market Bubble Fears?

Indian stock market is currently going through a bullish phase. However, it does not look like a case of unreasonable lofty valuations as economic recovery is still underway. India is projected to sharp economic expansion ove ... see more

Business Team Partners Brainstorming Investment Ideas
Investment Planning

How to Build and Execute a Passive Investment Strategy?

We saw the difference between Active and Passive investing, and which approach could work in what kind of situation. In this part 3 of the series, we will look at the ideal way in which to design a Passive investment strategy ... see more

Which way to go - road sign
Investment Planning

Active or Passive Investing: Which to Choose When?

Welcome to the second part in the Active Vs Passive series. In this we will talk about how to choose between Active & Passive investing.

Stock chart on laptop
CIO's Desk

Key to Wealth Building - Invest in Stock Market like FD

The onset of the Covid crisis in FY 2020-21 led to sharp cuts in interest rates over the last six quarters, and Indian Fixed Deposit (FD) investors had to contend with the lowest FD rates in Indian banking history.

Which path to choose
Investment Planning

Active Investing Vs Passive Investing - Difference?

Welcome to our 4-part series on Active Vs Passive investing. In this series we will help you understand what Active & Passive investing is, which is right for you & how to go about doing it.

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Financial Planning

Systematic Lifestyle Planning

Before talking about the idea of S.L.P - let’s first do a quick recap of the existing mindset when it comes to investing. And that is, Systematic Investment Planning – S.I.P. This idea has gained a lot of popularity in recent ... see more

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Investment Planning

What is Risk & What do You do about it?

Firstly, what is risk? Simply put, risk refers to the chance that reality will differ from the expectation. In the context of investing, it means the difference between the expected returns and the actual returns.

Businessman analyzing Stock chart on phone and laptop
Investment Planning

How to Decide the Right Investment Portfolio for You?

When it comes to confidence in people handling your money, it always needs to be very high. No doubt about it. The question is, how to gain that confidence about someone in the right way, especially regarding a new person or ... see more

Emergency Fund
Goal-Based Investing

What is Emergency Fund?

Here’s the simplest way to understand an emergency fund: You guard against health emergencies by taking health insurance. You guard against life emergencies by taking life/term insurance. What about short-term emergencies?